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Senior Economist

•    Ensure commercially sound, accurate, repeatable, timely and fit-for-purpose economic analysis that supports efficient and effective decision making, including appropriate Risk & Uncertainty analysis. The incumbent may work on multiple (1-5) opportunities/assets at any one time.
•    Contribute to the development and maturation of business opportunities and projects, and analyse uncertainty and risk in investment value.
•    Determine the value of assets, opportunities and businesses as required as part of the opportunity realisation, asset management and business planning processes and assist asset and project teams to optimise value.
•    Build and maintain auditable economic models, assumptions and reference materials for a particular asset and/or project.
•    Maintain model documentation, data-books and comply with the Economic Assurance Review process and maintain corporate data as required
•     Responsible for obtaining, calculating and submitting all asset business plan (BP) information requirements; Perform economic calculations for JV/asset Group Investment Proposals (GIP) and commercial proposals (Deal Sheet, PCN) when necessary and calculate economics in support of Reserves calculations if required
•    Coaching junior members of the team and sharing best practices as required.

•    He/she will be required to provide a high quality, critical, and independent assessment of the economic robustness of complex decisions, thus ensuring that real value is added to the business.
•    Presentation of complex concepts and analyses clearly and succinctly at many levels of the organization e.g. to BOMs, Shareholder Advisors, DRBs, DEs, Leadership Teams etc
•    Co-ordinate input from various parties often located in different geographic locations and time-zones.
•    Manage conflicting deadlines and work on a variety of complex asset/project assets simultaneously, i.e. applicant should like the challenge of dealing with a wide range of projects within a short-timeframe, with limited available data, many fiscal regimes, across the broad spectrum of  the business.
•    Interface with a wide and diverse group of technical, financial and commercial professionals, JV representatives. A pragmatic approach is required and the ability to access and communicate with many groups to draw on their expertise.
•    Ensure a robust audit trail for all economics evaluations and investment decisions.

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